Magenta Shores CC, March 29-31, 2024

Snippets of Dubbo from around the world

The main interest in the final round of the Worrells Women’s NSW Open will be whether Belgium’s Manon De Roey can continue the startling pace she has set the past two days and run away with the tournament.

But while De Roey and the 64 other players in the field jockey for positions, there is a bigger picture to this tournament, one that has little to do with pars and birdies.

Professional golf is – at its core – entertainment and a golf tournament is an event, one which has benefits beyond the players who cash a cheque for their week’s work.

This week’s tournament at Dubbo Golf Club has provided a stark reminder of the promotional punch an international tournament field packs.

Aside from the many players from every corner of the globe using their various social media channels to promote the area, there is interest from mainstream media across the world as well.

Included in the coverage of this week’s tournament have been stories in The Times of India, Le Figaro, The Scotsman, and Thailand’s Daily News.

It would be fair to say the chances of Dubbo, or indeed NSW, rating a mention in any of these places under different circumstances is unlikely.

In the pecking order of golf tournaments, the Women’s NSW Open is important though down the tree somewhat.

But it remains a shining example of the exposure an international field of golfers can provide.

Golf is a business to touring professionals and a recreation to the rest of us, but for regions willing to invest the time, money and effort, it is a powerful promotional tool.

And if you’re not convinced, ask yourself whether you would ever have heard of a little town called Augusta, Georgia, if it weren’t for a particular tournament held there every year. 


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