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It’s a Labour of Love for Green

It’s a labour of love for Richard Green, who is caddying for his fiancee, The 2019 Pacific Bay Resort Australian Ladies Classic Champion, Marianne Skarpnord in this week’s Women’s NSW Open at Queanbeyan Golf Club.

Skarpnord and Green a three-time winner on the European Tour, have been engaged for several years, don’t get to see each other in competition all that often, so the opportunity to spend some time together this week is one both of them are looking forward to.

Skarpnord described it as an added incentive to help her perform at her best this week.

” I’ve got the super caddie on the bag this week so hopefully we can do a bit better than last week.

“I feel that I’ll be on the first tee on Thursday to win again. I’m not just here to play for rounds of golf.

“Having Richard on the bag, he’s going to push me a bit too, so I think that’s going to be pretty good,” the Norwegian smiled.

The player – caddy situation is one they both enjoy. Skarpnord said although it can be testing at times, she enjoys input of Green and the experience he brings to her game.

“We’ve had episodes where it’s been a bit heated, so now he turns up, keeps up and shuts up: that’s his job.”

Green agreed and said Caddying for Skarponrd had given him an added perspective on the sport.

“I enjoy it, and it’s something I’d like to do it a bit more if I could. It’s a different perspective caddying than it is playing. You get to see how players behave and how I would have behaved on the golf course as well. It’s fun and I enjoying it.”

As for this week, Skarpnord likes her chances around the rolling Queanbeyan layout and said the key was accuracy from the tee.

“I just need to hit it straight off the tee, because there are a lot of trees here. The greens are very small, so you need to be spot on with your irons and distance.”

“The course is a lot narrower off the tee than Bonville and you really need to think about where you place the ball for your next shot. That’s probably where Bonville is a little more forgiving.

The pair, when not plying their trade on the respective tours, split their time between Green’s home at Thirteenth Beach and Skarpnord’s base in Norway.

Green, who is within reach of being eligible for the US Champions Tour, said the perfect scenario would see him out on the Champions Tour and Skarpnord securing a place on the LPGA.

“It is a tough Task to get through Q School, there are only a few spots available and you’ve got to get through as early as you can when you get to 50.”

When the topic of the over-50’s came up however, Marianne couldn’t resist a jibe at her partner.

“He’s going to cop a fair bit, put it that way,” She laughed.

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